Fashion Is History, Style Is The Story

Fashion Is History, Style Is The Story

When it comes to fashion, a lot of people associate the industry with modernity. 

But really, fashion has everything to do with history. Trends are cyclical and designers are constantly reinventing the wheel. Of course, it's new to us because of a designer's fresh interpretation, but generally, we're dealing with items that have been repeatedly made for centuries. 

When it comes to personal style, it's not about being current and relevant. It's about telling your story through your sartorial choices. The incredible thing about clothing is how the stories of other people are woven into it. No matter what you're wearing, there is an origin. From where the original design was conceptualized, to who wove the fabric and constructed the garment, etc., everything we wear has a history. 

This is probably why I love vintage fashion so much. Aside from being a stickler about wearing unique clothing, the idea that another woman in time wore the same piece makes it feel even more special. Like the vintage capelet in the outfit below; I wonder what fabulous events it went to and how amazing the woman who wore it must've looked.  

Creating looks that harken back to an older time make me feel like I'm apart of a bigger picture. Paying homage to those who came before me by recreating their outfits with my own personal flair keeps the story going.