Ethical Fashion

Working as an editor and writer for the past three and a half years has given me an analytical eye and a thorough approach to research. As a passionate supporter of the ethical fashion movement, I'm committed to spreading the sustainable living mission through my writing. It's my goal to help women realize the global and personal impact of switching to an ethical wardrobe. The types of sustainable fashion articles I write include:

  • Brand features

  • Product roundups

  • Designer interviews

  • Tricks for determining fast fashion from ethically created items

  • News coverage of ethical fashion events

  • Practical steps for switching to a sustainable wardrobe

Style Theory

The primary focus of my writing is to empower women to recognize and express their inherent worth through their sartorial choices. I believe in the profound connection between the internal and external of the human person and the powerful role clothing has in manifesting feminine beauty. Key points pertaining to my style theory include :

  • Defining the connection between the internal and external and the role of clothing

  • Explaining the importance and benefit of developing personal style

  • Distinguishing the difference between fashion, style, and trends

  • Disproving the stigma that style is a superficial pursuit

Wardrobe Building

As a style editor, I quickly learned that women are eager to build a versatile wardrobe that they can rely on for any occasion on their agenda. I created a pyramid of items for an ideal wardrobe, so that women won't have to say, "I have nothing to wear," ever again. Developed and tested by myself, I've shared this wardrobe formula with my readers and it quickly became one of the most popular and well-received topics under my byline. Combined with practical everyday tips on how to affordably shop, my guide to building the perfect wardrobe will assist women in:

  • Defining the items that make sense to each lifestyle and career

  • Identifying what are basic, investment, and statement items and their hierarchy in the average wardrobe

  • Tricks for determining the quality and versatility of clothing

  • Color palettes that serve as a neutral foundation to a versatile wardrobe

  • Examples of outfit formulas and a guide to creating your own

  • Tips on where to find these items


Wardrobe Consultant

If you're looking for one-on-one advice and help defining your personal style or creating your dream wardrobe, I offer my services for a more individualized experience. Together we will discuss your goals and find the best way to achieve your ideal wardrobe within your budget. I'm available for in-person meetings in the New York City area as well as over video chat. As a wardrobe consultant, my services take place over the course of three in person meetings and consist of:

  • Discussing your wardrobe goals to find a solution for any frustrations or concerns you may have with your current wardrobe

  • Identifying the items that best suit your career and lifestyle

  • Taking an inventory of your current wardrobe to remedy any gaps

  • Discovering and defining your personal style through a series of questions

  • Taking a trip to Everlane, J.Crew, and the thrift store to begin trying out items for your wardrobe

  • An online shopping tutorial for purchasing items that will always fit.

If you choose to meet via video chat, we will go over the above but instead of going shopping I will:

  • Personally search through my favorite online stores to curate purchasable options for you according to your size and budget

  • Go through my selections for your wardrobe as well as giving a tutorial on which items are best for purchasing online versus trying on in the store

    Special Event Shopper

    If you have an event coming up that you're scrambling to find the perfect ensemble for, I can help you out! We can work together either in-person or remotely. When shopping for a specific event, I request two weeks notice before your engagement. To get a sense of your style and the event you're attending, I will:

    • Ask about how formal or casual the event is and request that you send a few photos of looks that inspire you

    • Shop up to five looks for you to choose from and bring them to you to try on

    If you're remote, I will search online and curate up to twenty looks that I will send you via email for you to choose from.

    Personal Shopper

    Have an item on your mind that you're dying to own but can't seem to find? After three and a half years of imagining outfits and finding the items I dreamed up in real life, I'm confident in my ability to find pretty much anything you could want. From wholesale items to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, shoot me a message about the item you're looking for and your sizes, and I'll get searching! I'll send you up to twenty options.

    Vintage Shop collaboration

    Social Media Feature & Promotion

    I believe secondhand clothing is the best way to achieve an ethical wardrobe. Vintage shopping is also my No. 1 trick for staying creative and unique with my personal style. Eager to help out and promote vintage shops, I offer features on my website and social media. They consist of:

    • Creating (and photographing) outfits with items from the featured vintage shop. Items selected for the outfit will reflect my own personal style

    • Features options vary from Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and blog posts which include tagging the shop and a brief description.

    Vintage Shop Styling

    Great photos are the vintage shop owner's key to success. Oftentimes, the styling of items greatly influences whether someone purchases or not. As someone who wears vintage every day, I've learned how to bring retro items into 2018 for street style-worthy ensembles. So whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or an Etsy page, I'd love to come work with you on styling your items for looks your customers won't be able to resist envisioning themselves wearing.

    To get rates on freelance writing, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and vintage shop collaboration services, please email me at: