lillian fallon

Tricks For Mixing Prints

lillian fallon
Tricks For Mixing Prints

If you find yourself willing to venture further into print mixing, try working with universally versatile colors -- like blue and green. Even though they're not technically neutrals, they pretty much go with everything. Especially green camo, which was literally created to blend in. 

I think that's why I love camo so much. It's this ironic hybrid of neutrality, versatility, and complete wackiness. It's both a basic and a statement piece. An underrated wardrobe icon. 


Because camo treads the line between kooky and versatile, it can be worn with pretty much any other print. Pairing it with a print in a complementary hue will create an element of intentionality in the outfit. Like sky and earth, blue looks fabulous with green,


The result is an outfit of two contrasting pieces that actually flatter each other quite perfectly! 


To really bring it home, opposing prints that create a similar pattern of fluidity or mirror each other in size or negative space will also create the illusion of matching. 


At the end of the day, it's about having fun with fashion and not taking yourself too seriously. When you're feeling open and creative, the best outfits will come to you. 

Photo credit: Camille Shaw