lillian fallon

Highs With The Lows

lillian fallon
Highs With The Lows

There is no item that's too fancy or too casual for street style. 


Voluminous sleeves, gauzy fabric, and intricate embroidery are details that sound like something that should be worn as evening wear, but it's every bit street style ready if you play your cards right. 


The obvious approach to dressing down any formal item is to counter it with a casual one. But accessories play a huge role in making a fancy-meets-casual look work. If only one item in an outfit is much dressier than anything else, it looks awkward and out of place. The key to making it look normal is to incorporate accessories that have a similar air of regality. That way, the more extravagant item is supported by another for an element of cohesion rather than detraction. 


By contrasting an ornate blouse, necklace, roper boots, and box clutch with a pair of destroyed light wash Levi's, the whole look is brought down to earth -- or more specifically, the street. 


Photo Credit: Camille Shaw